Tax Professionals

Expand Your Practice

There’s no doubt that every Business Owner and High Net Worth Estate need Tax Planning and not just tax preparation and that is why we are looking for those Tax Professionals and Firms that want to serve at the highest level to provide essential tax planning and estate preservation, as we have clients we refer out. 

We also have a team of experts to provide tax professionals and firms with additional tools and strategies that require TPA’s, ERISA attorneys, Tax Attorneys and more. 

If the scenario where you have done all that you can and your pass-through client’s AGI is still too high to qualify for the additional 20% Deduction on the QBI, we may be able to help lower the AGI another $100,000+.

Also, we have long term tax strategies that help create tax-advantaged Exit Strategies, including deferring taxes for life on distributions from Qualified Plans if they qualify.

If you are not currently filing 1041’s but would like to expand your practice, we have experts that can help you get into this market without disrupting your current flow. 

If you already file 1041’s and have clients taking distributions to avoid the tax pain and are not living on it, we have solutions that allow the Trust to retain the earnings.

If you are looking to serve your clients at a higher level and help them keep more of their money and net worth now and in the future, reach out us for more information.